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Blackmer SMVP Sliding Vane Pumps combine proven sliding vane technology with a seal-less magnetic coupling. The result is a completely leak-free operation that minimizes product waste and dramatically improves production yield. The absence of shaft leakage increases both personal and environmental safety as it not only means no loss of liquids, but also no release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). Ideal for safe transfer of critical high-value fluids.

  • 316 stainless steel construction with metallized carbon sleeve bearings and non-metallic vanes for longer life.
  • Blackmer seal-less pumps are designed with self-lubricating carbon graphite sleeve bearings and no metal to metal contact. This special design allows dry running for priming and line stripping.
  • No barrier fluid system maintenance and/or disposal problems.
  • All Blackmer seal-less pump models have a unique bearing and head design that allows a small quantity of pumpage to circulate through the containment can and bearing surfaces. This positive flow of fluid minimizes temperature rise for maximum bearing life.
  • Blackmer seal-less pump models are equipped with samarium-cobalt magnets as standard construction. This rare earth material prevents permanent magnet degradation if adverse operating or "break-free" conditions occur.
  • Replaceable end discs allow easy rebuilding of the pumping chamber to like-new condition without removing the pump from the piping.
  • Unique sliding-vane pump design self-adjusts for wear to maintain flow rates.
  • Pump design and operation minimizes shear and agitation.
  • Excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities.
  • Symmetrical bearing support assures even loading and wear for long life.
  • Adjustable relief valve protects pump against excessive pressures.
  • Easy maintenance: vanes can be easily replaced without removing the pump from the piping system.